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AsfMojo is an open source .NET ASF parsing library, providing support for parsing WMA audio and WMV video files. It offers classes to create streams from the packet data within a media file, gather file statistics and extract audio segments or frame accurate still frames.

AsfMojo comes with a WPF UI application and a command line utility application that both make use of the AsMojo library.

The AsfMojo WPF UI app is a full fledged ASF Parser offering a simple but powerful interface into the structure of ASF files down to the packet level. Still frames and audio for every payload can be previewed.

The AsMojo command line utility offers a few streamlined options to access the AsfMojo library, such as caluclating the play duration of a file, creating thumb images from an offset within a media file or extracting a WAVE file from a time range within a media file.

AsfMojo WPF UI parsing a movie file

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