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AsfMojo 1.2 Interface changes

AsfMojo 1.2 adds support for extracting images and wave streams in a more stream-lined way, users do not have to be aware anymore of the underlying streams.

Creating images

The "traditional" approach is the static FromFile() method on the AsfImage class:

Bitmap bitmap = AsfImage.FromFile(videoFileName, 1.0);

The fluent approach uses multiple chainable methods to get the image:

Bitmap bitmap = AsfImage.FromFile(videoFileName)


Creating wave streams

The same principle detailed above applies to wave streams - the "traditional" approach is the static FromFile() method on the WaveMemory class:

WaveMemoryStream waveMemoryStream = WaveMemoryStream.FromFile(videoFileName, 1.0, 4.0);

The fluent approach again uses multiple chainable methods:

WaveMemoryStream waveMemoryStream = WaveMemoryStream.FromFile(videoFileName)

Updating content properties

Even though a traditional interface exists, updating content properties should be done through the fluent interface only, all update methods are chainable and optional.

       .WithAuthor("Fred Fish")
       .WithDescription("Some lengthy description of the content")
       .WithCopyright("Copyright (c) 2011")
       .WithTitle("Some title")








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